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Yuva Unstoppable-Amitabh Shah Part of Nityanad Scandal?


The self-styled god man Swami Nityanand is under investigation. Children were forcefully held captive at the Ashram situated in DPS campus near Hathijan area of Ahmedabad and investigation is underway. In this regard, the role of a NGO Yuva Unstoppable is slowly coming to light. As per latest information, while the police are scrutinizing Yuva Unstoppable Founder and Chief Inspiration Officer (CIO) Amitabh Shah for human trafficking, hawala and black mailing, information and details from the website of Yuva Unstoppable has suddenly disappeared.

What is the fear of Yuva Unstoppable administrators that the information on the NGO’s revenue, its donors and other administrators has suddenly disappeared from the website and pages of the NGO? IS the investigation on Yuva Unstoppable accurate? And fearing the investigation the NGO’s administrators have removed the all the information from the website. Is the NGO really involved in human trafficking and converting black money to white? Otherwise, what was the reason that details of more than 25 million donations received were deleted from the NGO’s website?

How can other administrators of Yuva Unstoppable approve the changes in Yuva Unstoppable website, when allegations against Amitabh Shah are under investigation and Amitabh Shah’s involvement with Nityanand is coming out?


Are other administrators of Yuva Unstoppable, Amitabh Shah’s mother Deepti Amit Shah, brother Abhi Amit Shah, wife Rashmi Shah and Parth Vasavda also involved in activities of Swami Nityanand and Amitabh Shah? If they are not involved then who has altered with Yuva Unstoppable’s website and who gave permission to tamper with the information is also the subject of investigation.

According to documents obtained by the Gujarat Exclusive, Yuva Unstoppable had received donations worth 12 crores in 2017-18 and 8.5 crores in 2016-17. The reports of 2018-19 is not available on the site. In the last two years of 2017 and beyond, even though 2019 records are not available, Amitabh Shah has received a whopping Rs 20 crore in Donations in White. The system, the government and the investigating agencies should consider and investigate to find out how the money was used?

After the details of the donors and management disseapered from the website, questions are being raised, if Yuva Unstoppable along with Nityanand and Manjula Pooja Shroff, was actually involved in business like human trafficking, hawala, converting black money and blackmailing. Why else would the information be removed from the website? Will the investigating agencies take Dipti Amit Shah, Abhi Amit Shah, Rashmi Shah and Parth Vasavada under the radar now?