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You need to implement mask rule, Gujarat High Court tells state


Gujarat High Court on Friday while hearing a suo motu PIL related to COVID-19 told the Advocate General (AG) representing the state government that a couple of days back at least the state was in a position to control cases that had drastically come down but once again it had become imperative to implement the mask rule.

Advocate General Kamal Trivedi said that the state was thinking of restricting the entry of people from other states. Reacting to this the Gujarat High Court said that’s not going to solve your problem.

“The day when your election celebrations are over only then will you be able to take things under control, so that’s going to consume a whole week and you have to be very careful,” the court said.

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Chief Justice Vikramnath during the hearing told the advocate general on a lighter note that if elections and celebration result in a further increase in COVID-19, then all registered party workers will be put to community service.

Reacting to this advocate general said that he will ensure that they are on guard.

Justice JB Pardiwala during the hearing said that no one is a mask and social distancing is now out of question. “But at least if masks are worn there is some sort of protection.” The Advocate General in a reply said they will try to further instill mask discipline. The matter is expected to be heard after six weeks.

Other warnings

The court had last week asked the state to be prepared as COVID was gaining momentum. At that time, it had rued the fact that election and the ‘carefree’ attitude had spoiled the show. The court made the comments while hearing a petition of 300 MBBS doctors who were reluctant to join COVID duty.


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