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“Women Empowerment Not a Priority For District SPs and CPs, Police Has Failed to Stop Rapes”: ADG Anil Pratham


Hitesh Chavda, Gandhinagar:  In the last 48 hours 3 incidents of rape occurred in the state, there is an atmosphere of anger and anxiety across the state and people are increasingly concerned about the safety of girls and women. Anil Pratham, the ADG of the Women’s cell of the Government of Gujarat has expressed concern and raised questions in this regard. “Is women empowerment not a matter of priority for the district SPs and the City Commissioners? Despite the government’s women empowerment schemes why has the police failed to stop crime against women?” said Pratham.

Additional Director General of Police (ADG), CID Crime (Women’s Cell), State Police Department, in his Facebook post wrote That “there is news of rape from all over India, 3 rapes have been reported in Gujarat  in the last 48 hours. I am shocked by these incidents and I understand my moral and constitutional duty. I am sharing my grief on this women empowerment issue as the ADG of Woman’s Cell which I have held since 2012”. In His post Pratham pointed out the schemes and initiatives launched by the government for the empowerment of women, including the (1) 181 Women’s Helpline, (2) Women’s Security Committee, (3) Friends for Woman and Child, (4) Investigative units on crimes against women (IUCAW), (5) Gender Resource Centre,  (6) Suraksha Setu, (7) Coordination with NGOs, (8) Good and Bad Touch, (9) Help centre in police stations were mentioned. Pratham further wrote as per the directions from the Government and then DGP, I organize a crime conferences, Video Conferences, issue written circulars, Telephonic talks, and also personally supervise and assist on women issues.

AGG Pratham asked “Women empowerment not a priority to them?”

Are the efforts and schemes of the government not enough for the District SPs and City Commissioners?

Despite having several women safety schemes funded by the government, why have these not been properly implemented? Why has coordination between police and civilians failed?

While it is a reality that the state and central governments is spending a lot of funds around various schemes but still issues related to women safety and security remains unanswered.

 Anil Pratham said “I have personally felt that in districts and cities women empowerment is not being given priority, I believe that we, the police have a lot of work to do, but this issue is not in our priority. I have observed that the District SPs and City Commissioners dont take these issues a priority and it due to this there is a sudden failure”.