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Woman lodges FIR after son’s friend demand sex in lieu of financial help


In an incident that reflects the declining moral in society, especially among youngsters, a 21-year-old man asked a 39-year-old woman to ‘physically satisfy’ him in lieu of financial help. Notably, the accused is a friend of the woman’s son and she had sought financial help from him for the treatment of her ailing husband.

Incident happened in Jivraj Park area

The unimaginable incident happened in the Jivraj Park area of Ahmedabad. The woman after discussing the perverted demand of the man with her family approached the Vejalpur police. Notably, the police have registered a case against the man and started an investigation in the matter.

Notably, the woman, Sejal (name changed), is living in an apartment on Jivraj Park-Vejalpur Road with her husband and two children—a 21-year-old son and a 3-year-old daughter. Her husband works in a courier company to earn bread and butter for the family. However, he was ill for a few days and the family needed money for his treatment.

Woman sought financial help from the accused

In a bid to arrange money for the treatment, Sejal sought help from her relatives, but in vain. She also sought financial help from her son’s friends, but failed to get any money. On September 17, she called one of her son’s friends—the accused, a resident of Ambawadi. She told the accused Kaushal that her husband was ill and she needed money.

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The next day Kaushal arrived at Sejal’s house. While she was in the bedroom, her husband was in the drawing-room, whereas her son was sleeping in his room. Kaushal gave Rs 300 to Sejal and assured her that he is with her. He asked how much she needs. Sejal informed him that she needs Rs 10,000-Rs 15,000. Kaushal assured her that he will talk to his father and arrange the money for her.

Accused demand physical intimacy

On September 19, Sejal called Kaushal at around 10.30 am for the money. Kaushal, on the phone itself, asked Sejal what she will give in return for the money. The woman said she will pay him interest for the money. At that point, Kaushal said he wants to establish a physical relationship with her and does not want the interest.

Sejal was shocked by the disgusting demand of her son’s friend. She regained her composure and straightaway refused.

After Sejal denied Kaushal’s advances, he threatened her of dire consequences if she reveals the interaction between them to his father or anyone else. Following the interaction, the woman discussed with her son and husband and lodged a complaint in Vejalpur police station.


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