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Woman held for murder of youth who attempted to rape her


A woman has been arrested in connection with a murder in Surat. It has emerged that the woman bashed the youth’s head against a pillar of the bridge three days ago after he attempted to rape her. The body of the youth was found lying near the bridge.

Police said the married woman then dumped the body nearby to avoid any suspicion. The youth’s body was found near Parvat Patiya on Saturday night. Investigations revealed that the body was of one Ganesh alias Rupesh and he had a name Neha tattooed on his arm.

Ganesh originally belonged to Uttar Pradesh and worked as a labourer for hire. He was found in a drunk state on October 2 by residents.

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Police began to investigate the people who had met Ganesh before he was found dead and cops found that he was in love with a woman whom he met often.

How the murder and attempt to rape happened

Police traced the women identified as Geeta. On questioning her, she confessed to killing him and that she did it because he tried to force himself on her.

She told the police that Ganesh often called her to him but she refused to go. When he called again, Geeta put her children to sleep and went to meet him.

He forced her to have sex with him which she refused. This angered Ganesh and he tried to rape her. Geeta resisted him and while attempting to save herself she bashed his head against the pillar of the bridge.

He died due to his injuries and a scared Geeta ran away until the police came knocking on her door.


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