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Woman files rape complaint against youth who promised marriage to have sex with her


A woman in Rajkot has filed a rape complaint against a man who had a sexual relation with her promising marriage and then refused to marry her. The man is a friend of the woman’s Rakhi brother.

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The woman said that she used to travel in a bus with her Rakhi brother for work. Once when she was having a video chat with her brother Raju, his friend Ketan saw her and approached her. 

How the rape accused convinced the victim

The two got to know each other and became friends. Ketan, the woman, her sister and her brother Raju also went on vacation together to Diu. 

Ketan and the woman stayed together as he had promised marriage. The couple then had sex. Whenever the woman broached the subject of marriage, Ketan avoided it saying that his younger sister was yet to get married. In the meantime, he would often take her to Diu and the two had sex as he said they had to get married anyway.

In March, when Ketan again asked her to go to Diu, she refused and asked him to set a date for the wedding. After he refused, Ketan stopped taking her calls. 

She then took her relatives to meet Ketan in Jamnagar but he sent them back saying he had talked to his parents about her and he will need to get them convinced. He, however, continued to pressurise her to visit Diu with him. 

Complaint was filed

When she refused, Ketan told her that he cannot marry her as they were not of the same case. The woman confronted Ketan in Jamnagar and the two had a big fight. She then called up the 181 helpline number and filed a rape complaint against him.

After the complaint was filed, Ketan’s parents said they needed two months to come to a decision. The woman waited for some time but realised that the family had no intention of sticking to their promise. She then filed a rape complaint against Ketan in Rajkot following which he was arrested.


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