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Without a mask? You’ll be fined Rs500 from Aug1


Not wearing a mask will attract a fine of Rs500 from August 1 onwards. 

The state government has decided to impose a fine Rs500 on anyone found without a mask or spitting in public.


At present those found without a mask in public are fined Rs200 while the fine for spitting is Rs500.

But now the fine for both the offence is the same. 

Moreover, the government said masks will now be available at all Amul Parlours in the state.

This is to ensure that there is no shortage of masks in the state and it is available at a reasonable rate. 

Masks at Amul Parlours for Rs2

The masks at Amul Parlours in the state will cost just Rs2 per piece.

Earlier the government had announced that the masks would be available at Amul Parlour for Rs5 per piece. 

The N95 masks were available for Rs65 per unit.

But the price was brought down further to end the black marketing of masks.

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The Rs2 mask will be the use and throw variety.

So far there was a difference in penalty charged if a citizen was found without a mask. 

The penalty was dependent on who caught you without a mask. 

Police department sought a fine of Rs200 but if AMC officials caught you, the fine was Rs500.

What was interesting is that if you were unlucky enough to be caught by both the police and AMC officials on the same day, you had to pay the fine on both occasions.

But now thanks to the new fines stated by the government, everyone will have to pay just Rs500 as fine per offence.

COVID-19 in Gujarat

Gujarat on Monday recorded 1,052 new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours.

This is the sixth time that number of per day cases in Gujarat has crossed the

The overall number of COVID-19 cases have now crossed the 56,000 marks.

The total number of COVID-19 cases in the state now stands at 56,874.

The state has recorded over 1100 cases once, over 900 cases eight times and over 800 cases for four consecutive days.

It has recorded more than 700 cases in a day five times so far.

Gujarat recorded 22 new deaths due to the disease on Saturday.

Of the total deaths, nine were recorded in Surat, four in Ahmedabad while Vadodara recorded three deaths.

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