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Wife runs away with lover, man and his friends kidnap and attack brother of lover


A man whose wife eloped with her lover beat up the brother of the lover in an act of vengeance. The man was so severely injured that he filed a complaint of kidnapping against the assailants.

As per the Vejalpur police, Ahmed Malek, 20 a resident of Al Aksha Flat in Fatehwadi has accused Nasirmiya Malek and several others of kidnapping and beating him. Nasirmiya is a resident of Sanand’s Chharodi village.

On October 18, the victim Ahmed got a call in the evening informing him that the caller owed his brother some money and wanted to return it.

When Ahmed went to Savera Hotel near Fatehwadi to meet the caller, a car arrived and told him that his brother Sahir Malek had run away with Nasir’s wife and he needs to come to the police station to file a police complaint.

He was forced into a car and brought to a place where they asked him for information about his brother and Nasir’s wife. He was taken to a room near Lokhandwala Park, threatened with a knife and beaten up so that he could tell them where Naseer’s wife was.

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He was kept in a room for a day and constantly beaten for information. He was later dumped near Khoda police station where his family rescued him. He was later admitted to the Sola Civil Hospital for his fractured bones.

Shopkeeper bites 8-yr-old girl on cheek who had gone to buy chocolate

A shopkeeper has been booked after he bit an 8-year-old girl on the cheeks. The girl had gone to the shop to buy chocolate when she was dragged in and bitten. The incident came to light when the child’s mother inquired about her injuries.

A Bapunagar resident who is also a trader has filed a complaint with the Rakhial police station after his daughter was harassed by the shop keeper.

As per the complaint the man’s eight-year-old daughter had gone to the shop of one Rajahmed near Ajit Mill Crossroads on Thursday between 2 and 3 pm to buy a bar of chocolate.

When the child returned home, her mother found bite marks on her cheeks. She told her mother that the shopkeeper had dragged her inside the shop and bit her.

The mother then told the child’s father who then filed a police complaint. Locals nabbed the shop keeper and handed him to the cops after they came to know of the incident.


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