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Why Gujarat’s first woman IPS, Retired DG Geeta Johari Allocated security Jawans?


Gandhinagar: Retired DG Geeta Jhori, Gujarat’s first woman IPS officer, who raided the den of slain underworld don Abdul Latif in Popatiawadi a highly-sensitive area in Dariyapur, two years after her retirement, the state government through the Gandhinagar police headquarters has allotted her security Jawans at her Gandhinagar residence in Sector 8. Retired DG Geeta Johri had her 62nd birthday last week. She was allotted security two days before that.

Gujarat’s first female IPS 1982 batch DG Geeta Johri, retired in November 2017, 1 month before the assembly elections. While she was an officer of SP rank, he was appointed as DCP in Ahmedabad city. At that time people of Ahmedabad feared underworld don Abdul Latif. At that time Geeta Johri hastened to capture Abdul Latif and along with her fellow officers raided his den at Popatwadi in Dariyapur. Then Geeta Johri became a big name overnight. At that time among all the male officers, a female officer raided the area to capture Don Abdul Latif. Geeta Johri lived in Ahmedabad city for a long time and arrested many criminals. She also investigated an encounter. She was made in-charge DGP in March 2017 and retired in November 2017, a month before the assembly elections. After retiring, she had requested to allot security guards at her residence, but for two years she was not allotted a single security jawan.

Some time ago, a few criminals who were released from the jail reached her Gandhinagar residence. At that time she was not at home but her daughter and the servant were at home. At the time, they were sent away, saying Madam was not home. As Geeta Johri has arrested several criminals, she demanded that their residence to be provided security jawans. The state government, a few days ago has appointed a security jawan at her Gandhinagar residence.

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