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Who is the independent candidate who has upset BJP candidate Jitu Chaudhary’s game plan in Kaprada?


BJP has got itself another worry in yet another seat in Gujarat that is set for the bypolls in November. This seat too belongs to one of the five turncoat Congress MLAs.

BJP has given the ticket to Jitu Chaudhary, a former Congress MLA from the seat. But the presence of an Independent candidate in the fray is likely to upset the numbers for the BJP.

Independent MP from Dadra and Nagar Haveli Mohan Delkar has propped up his brother-in-law Prakash Patel from the Kaprada seat as an independent.

Mohan Delkar is a former MP of the BJP and hence sources said he was pressured to withdraw the candidature of his brother-in-law. Since Delkar refused to cave in, it is suspected that the independent in the fray may ruin the number game for Jitu Chaudhary.

What is Mohan Delkar’s game against Jitu Chaudhary?

The Kaprada seat in South Gujarat has a considerable number of Adivasi voters over whom Delkar has a strong influence. Delkar jumping into the fray through his brother-in-law is likely to split the votes of the BJP.

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It is believed that this is Delkar’s way of getting back at the BJP for being denied the ticket for the Lok Sabha elections in 2019.

He later contested and won as an independent. It is said that the BJP had pulled all stops to ensure Delkar’s defeat in the Lok Sabha polls but he had still managed to win. This is a Delkar’s way of paying back his former party

The bypolls for the eight seats were necessitated after eight Congress MLAs resigned from the party ahead of the Rajya Sabha elections.

Five of them later joined the BJP and were given tickets from the seats they had won earlier as a Congress candidate.
Jitu Chaudhary is one of such candidates. BJP is hoping to win at least five of the seats.


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