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Virtual classes for Class 12 to begin from July 30


Virtual classes for Class 12 (general stream) will begin from Thursday onwards. 

The classes will be available through online broadcast mode on Microsoft Teams, Facebook Live, and virtual classes of Jio TV.

Education department officials said similar facilities will also be used to conduct virtual classes for Class 12 science students.

Earlier the state had begun such classes for Class 9 and 10.

The facility will be available to all government schools, RMSA Model Schools, KGBV Model residential school and grant-in-aid schools in all districts of the state.

Students of self-financed schools of Gujarat Board can also access the virtual classes through YouTube live.

Schools have not opened due to COVID-19

The education department has not allowed schools to reopen due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the state. 

As a result, it has begun the home learning for students under which lessons are taught through various virtual mediums.

The government had already begun home learning virtual classes for Class 9 and 10 from July 21 onwards.

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From Thursday onwards classes for Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Mathematics will be made available for Class 12 science students.

For commerce students, basic accountancy and statistics classes will be conducted online.

Privates schools resume online classes

Privates schools in Gujarat resumed online classes from Monday onwards. 

The schools had suspended online studies to protest the education department’s notification asking them not to charge a fee until physical classes resume.

The schools challenged the notification stating they had to pay the salaries of teachers and other staff. 

They also moved the Gujarat High court against the notification.  

Later, the government said the notification was subject to the Gujarat High Court order. 

The schools later backtracked and said they will carry out online classes and no fee will be charged until classes resume. 

The teachers of these schools also approached the government stating that they will face financial duress as they will not be paid salaries if the fee is not charged.

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