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Violations of Traffic Rules will be Costly


Gujarat: The traffic police of Rajkot had taken the strict action against those who do not follow the rules of traffic. For these 3 days only they had issued an e-memo of Rs 1.20 crore. In Rajkot for about 18 days the e-memo was not there because their was the defect in the system. Beside this, the traffic police in Rajkot had issued Rs 7 crore e-memo from the public those who break the traffic rules.

In Rajkot the e-memo issuing system was started in 2017. The traffic police had issued more than Rs 15 crores from the peoples who are not following the traffic rules. Although, In this coming days the plan is made to take strict action against the rules breaker.

New traffic rule was implemented on the day of Labh Pancham in Gujarat. The central government had enacted a new law regarding traffic. But in Gujarat several changes has been made regarding the traffic rules and the Government had instructed the traffic police to charge the half fine from those who did not follow the rules. Not only this, the Gujarat Government had also extended dates many times to implement this law. Because of which people are gradually following traffic rules.