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Vikas Dubey left his family in lurch, claims his wife


Slain gangster Vikas Dubey might have acquired several SUVs and properties and live in his kothi (bungalow) with pride from the wealth he had amassed from the world of crime, his wife has a different story to tell the world. Vikas Dubey’s wife Richa has said that her family has been left in the lurch after the gangster’s death.

Richa said she had tried a lot to convince her husband to leave the world of crime, but in vain. The woman has also refuted claims that her husband had acquired property worth crores of rupees. Terming the media reports on the same as “fake news”, she said Vikas Dubey has left the family to fend for themselves.

Richa has told a television news channel that: “Today, we terribly needed him. He has left nothing for us. People may say that he has left a property worth Rs 500 crore, but the truth is that I do not have anything.”

On being asked that her husband has properties worth crores at a number of places including Dubai, Richa said that it was fake news. She tried to justify her stand by elaborating that if her husband has properties worth crores, she would not have to stay in a 1,600 sqft house in Lucknow.

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Richa also said her husband was a man of a different mentality and all her efforts to convince him to desert the world of crime remained unsuccessful. She claimed that the slain gangster used to beat her whenever she raised the topic of leaving crime.

“He was a good husband and a father. He always wanted his children should study and become well-educated. However, he never wanted to come out of the world of crime,” the woman said.

Richa also claimed that she did not like the atmosphere of her in-laws’ house in Bikru village and therefore, she started living in Lucknow with her children to stay away from the world of crime.

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