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Vijay Nehra ‘officially’ shunted out of AMC for failing to contain COVID-19


IAS Vijay Nehra, who unsuccessfully spearheaded the city’s fight against coronavirus as the commissioner of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), has now been officially shunted from the civic body. The Gujarat government on Sunday issued orders for his transfer as commissioner of state rural development department while making in-charge commissioner Mukesh Kumar, who had earlier headed the civic body, as the new commissioner.

Nehra recently underwent home quarantine after he came in contact with some COVID-19 patients and the government had immediately given the charge to Kumar. The development raised many eyebrows as to how can the captain of a team go out of action amid an unprecedented crisis that the city was facing. Highly placed sources had then told the Gujarat Exclusive of how things went wrong for Nehra during whose tenure the coronavirus situation in the city went from bad to worse.

Nehra started going down the hill when he gave a statement that coronavirus cases in the city would cross a lakh within weeks if people do not follow social distancing and lockdown guidelines. However, nothing of that sort happened till date and such a reckless statement irked many in the corridors of power.

Senior bureaucrats, as well as politicians, were miffed with Nehra for being busy on social media rather than taking care of the action on the ground and then coming up with such irresponsible statements. Nehra had recently tweeted that he had tested negative for coronavirus, but despite that, the state government did not thought it right to entrust him with the responsibility of again leading the AMC’s efforts to contain the spread of the deadly virus.

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