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Video of Surat police hitting man goes viral, cop’s clarify


A video of a cop in Surat beating a youth has gone viral. The two videos of the Dindoli area in Surat show cops beating up a man who is prone on the ground.

As the video went viral on social media many questioned the high handedness of the police. The Surat Police later clarified that the man had been accused of beating his wife and he had been detained.


The video shows a man lying prone on the ground near a PCR van of the cops. He is being hit by the cops.

Dindoli Police station police inspector MM Chauhan said that contrary to comments on the social media the police was not randomly beating up a pedestrian.

He said cops had been called to a house in the area by a woman who complained that she was being beaten up by her husband.
She had called up 100 to complain about her husband.

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The cops detained the husband and were on their way to the station when he tried to get out of the moving vehicle. He also picked up a fight with the cops and tried to attack them.

Police said they nabbed him again but he continued to fight and they had to be a bit aggressive in controlling him.

He was later brought to the police station.

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