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Video of DPS Director Manjula Shroff and Baba Nityananda’s Relationship Surfaced


Ahmedabad: The investigation of Nithyananda Ashram running in DPS school is being done, it seems that the investigation of the case is being done to fill the paperwork. Meanwhile, a video by Gujarat Exclusive revealed that Nithyananda and Manjula Shroff have a very close and cordial relationship. In the video, “Sadhika Manjula Shroff” is celebrating a miraculous event of Nithyananda. Not only this, Manjula is telling people about Baba’s miracle, after watching the video it becomes very clear that Manjula has passed a long time with Nithyananda.

In video Manjula says, “I did two powerman station to this sedding so the first one was is reading an unknown picture or a city and I was given this picture you can zoom in its a remote city call boofered and I was able to see one street and the distinctive feature was that it has sloping roof, hut and I was able to see that it was a cold place there was snow and there was vast space of the openness on the left so it was actually able to see this picture completely.I have a real break through in remote sensing which I was just did when I was practicing in the all night sessions so actually I was trying to zoom in and see a bank of my partner and it was a remote bank in France. I was able to see and describe it and then i asked for the confirmation and my partner says you know its a new bank and I haven’t yet seen the bank. I said that how do we go forward so she says you know what I am going to do. I am going to call my coordinator and see she can send the picture and she did that very night and that was exactly the way I describe that…so that was the fantastic experience and which gave me tremendous confidence and of course the bottom line no matter how much confidence we do its swamiji working through us so that’s the biggest learning.”

Manjula Shroff tells about her second miraculous experience, how Baba Nithyananda removed the hair with third eyes without waxing. She said, “The second exercise that I had was to remove hair and we took a small patch and I have a little picture that I can show you we took a small patch and I was able to reduce through Swamiji’s third eye. Almost 50 percent of the density of the hair. So actually breaking the remote vision to clot more time, the hair went more faster and she was very strict with me. You know you gave me one of the bulse and who is very very strict as a judge. She said no you have to get this, no you have to get this. She just not let me move.”

The next question was asked that why the students are so upset so in reply to that she said, “My god if kids around the world had this kind of power the teachers had did not have to torched as much as we do and I think kids are under tremendous stress for examinations and patterns and question papers. If you only able to and younger kids third eye open as if like an giFi and we able to do that. I think it would be able to great bull for the entire world.”

The reply given by Manjula after the student question proved as an evidence that the ashram running in DPS school was not operated according to any rent agreement or the principal will, but in collaboration with Manjula Shroff and Nithyananda, but perhaps through Rapist Baba Nithyananda, Manjula wanted students to do black magic and she used to force the students to do so.

Regarding the relationship between Manjula Shroff and Nithyananda the video has revealed that in such a situation, whether the police will investigate the relationship between Wanted Rapist Baba Nithyananda and Manjula Shroff is a big question that is being raised? Nithyananda had blackmailed many businessmen, officers and politicians through Manjula in Gujarat to lay the foundation of Kailaasa, how many have been supported and how many are partners? Whether the police will investigate in this direction is also a big question?

Nithyananda ran from India and had build his own country name “Kailaasa-The Hindu Nation”. Here the question is from where Nithyananda increase funds, how much money was deposited and through which medium money came to him? From where Nithyananda rose funds through Manjula Shroff, Amitabh Shah, Rashmi Shah, Dipti Amit Shah, Abhi Shah and Hiten Vasant, an investigation will be conducted in the direction of how much money Baba have looted from people of Gujarat, Whether the Income Tax Department will investigate on these people or will come under the pressure of Manjula Shroff and will try to ground this case?