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Video: Nityananda’s Agent Amitabh Shah Surfaced, DPS director Manjula Shroff’s Close Ally


After Manjula Pooja Shroff a video of Amitabh Shah, who runs the network of rapist Baba Nithyananda in Gujarat has surfaced. Amitabh Shah runs an NGO called Yuva Unstoppable in Ahmedabad. He works behind the scenes of NGO as Nithyananda‘s agent. Nithyananda is notorious for blackmailing, black-white, money laundering and human trafficking. It is clear from these misdeeds what Amitabh Shah used to do for Nithyananda in Ahmedabad? Amitabh Shah is the second player of this trio network of Manjula, Amitabh and Rashmi Shah. He traps big corporate personalities behind the scenes of his NGO for Nithyananda.

The video of Amitabh Shah that has appeared in which he says, “He said that I feel I wasted my time there and I feel I would just come to MSS and things would have been much better. Amitabh Shah is the son of Deepti Shah, a famous English language teacher in Ahmedabad. She is known for best English teacher in Ahmedabad and her son who studied at Yale University and he confessed that he had wasted his own time by studying at Yale University and whatever he did behind the curtain of NGO is only for Nithyananda. He is given this testimony by himself.

2 videos of Amitabh Shah have surfaced. In a video, a Sadhvi calls Amitabh Shah and says please do introduce yourself what you do and your experience as Mahasadashiva and as well as the power you just manifested.

After which Amitabh Shah introduces himself saying, “I want to start with the first sentence. When I went to Yale University, where all the personals of the world went and I feel I wasted my time there and I feel i would just come to MSS and things would have been much better. So today my power was to change the blood pressure, my partner Binoy said that he feels he has got low blood pressure and wants to increase it so i simply requested swamiji to increase it to optimal levels for him and so from 131-84 if you guys can zoom it and see this then…so its a 131-84 I requested swamiji to increase it with by 10-15 he was kind enough to make it go up to 150 to 84 increase it by 21 points and this took may be 45 friends all I want to say you guys is everything you are seeing here this shit is real here…you are breathing and you are not yet you are missing out this amazing Mass and the best swami on this planet and many others.”

Whereas in the second video, Amitabh Shah is seen doing rituals with the Sadhvis at an ashram in Ahmedabad. However, after watching the video, it seems that he has arranged someone else for the rituals whose method is going on. But this method is not of Amitabh Shah. Now, if Amitabh Shah is involved in getting others to perform the rituals, then it is proved that he must have trapped many people for Nithyananda, who was fully involved in rituals.

The video of Amitabh Shah after Manjula Pooja Shroff, director of DPS and Calorx has revealed in the video that both of them used their status to trap the people for superstition and also try to spread blind faith among the people for praising Rapist Baba Nityananda. Which we can see in video itself for the confirmation. Now how this trio of (Manjula Shroff, Rashmi Shah and Amitabh Shah) used to trap people in Ahmedabad for Nithyananda, there is no need to say anything about these smart players who played behind the scenes of DPS school and NGOs for Rapist Baba Nithyananda.

According to the information received by Gujarat Exclusive, which has been published earlier, Nithyananda used to run the business of blackmailing, money laundering, black and white and human trafficking in Gujarat. Nithyananda had collected two to three thousand crore funds from Gujarat to create a separate country called Kailaasa-The Hindu Nation. And in this whole game, Rashmi Amitabh Shah, Manjula Shroff and Amitabh Shah were working as his agents in Gujarat.

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