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VIDEO: Impressed by Rapist Baba Nithyananda, Mrs. India Says, ‘I Love You ..!’


Ahmedabad: After the disappearance of two girls from DPS east, rape accused Baba Nithyananda’s misdeeds began to unravel in the heart of Gujarat. However, the pertinent question resonates that with whose aid did Nithyananda use to do blackmailing, black-white, money laundering and human trafficking business, that question inasmuch as seems to be missing from the investigation of the police and the government. In this dirty game played in the name of religion, it purports the government has restricted its arms and has merely touched the aspects regarding the matter involving case of documentary fraud regarding NA. The question arises, who are those people who are trying to cover up Nithyananda’s misdeeds? How many people are associated with Nithyananda in Gujarat? Gujarat Exclusive is continuously disclosing this matter through its exclusive video.

The videos of Manjula Pooja Shroff, Amitabh Shah and Rashmi Shah who had carried out Nithyananda’s misdeeds in Gujarat have been revealed earlier with video evidence. Manjula Pooja Shroff, director of DPS and Calorx Group, who often denied having a relationship with Nithyananda but their relationship was revealed through video evidence. Amitabh Shah, who worked as a broker for Nithyananda in Gujarat was also revealed earlier. Amitabh Shah’s wife and former Mrs. India Rashmi Shah played a major role in executing Nithyanand’s misdeeds in Gujarat, Gujarat Exclusive has also revealed this in his earlier story.

In such a situation, Gujarat Exclusive got one more video. Shweta Singh Chaudhary aka Rashmi Shah, married to Ahmedabad-based Amitabh Amit Shah the director of the NGO named “Yuva Unstoppable”. There is a deep connection between Rashmi and Baba Nithyananda to such an extent that Rashmi Shah is publicly expressing her close association with the rapist Baba Nithyananda by calling him “I Love You”. Earlier Rashmi Shah had accepted that she has spent 31 days with rapist Baba Nithyanada.Rashmi Shah is so special that Rapist Baba Nithyanand cuddle her among millions of devotees. Rapist Baba Nithyanada had spent 31 days
in solitude with Rashmi Shah. All these things give evidence of the close relationship between Rashmi Shah and Nithyananda.

The above facts are proof that Rashmi Shah is playing some games behind the curtain of “Yuva Unstoppable” and is definitely playing a major role in Gujarat for Nithyananda.

What does Rashmi Shah say in the video?
“Welcome to Nithyananda. I am Rashmi and I am doing teleportation with turmeric. If you can see this is before picture, this is totally white, nothing is inside. So basically you are telling there is empty cup with you… Empty Cup, and another cup with turmeric, and now you can see after picture, It took me like I have done so many power successfully in MSS, but this is the first power I have done…When I started this…I have done this as demo and its first time…I never done before this…not even in my course also.. so I have just taken Swamiji name and I was like Swamiji you are going to do it.. I am just sitting and we were laughing in-between also when people were doing power manifesting successfully. But I knew it .. at the end of the .. this session .. I am gonaa do it .. not even I am gonna do it .. Swamiji is gonna do it .. because swamiji always said that I am with you .. and you are gonna all power manifesting power.. so I knew it he is going to do that .. Thank you so much Swamiji and I Love You.”

She further said that, “I have heard the USA government spends 50 Billion $ just to teleport atoms from one point to the other but here when the turmeric is able to move from one cup to the next..You can actually see three big Baluchi’s … we will actually show you a proper picture of it if fully projected on the screen .. There you can almost see.. But I want to see it even more clearly.. you will actually see 4 complete pick sports of turmeric that just manifested ..this will tell you that the future of being able to do full body teleportation is not too far .. for Nithyanand yogis … and for the disciples and the devotees of paramhans nithyananda … until you are able to see a clearer short of it…”

Then she said,”If you are able to teleport, you will be able to throw out any disease from your body.. just by teleporting the fever out of you, by teleporting the cancer cells out of you, By teleporting anything which is going life negative within you .. Why don’t you say how this kind of oneness happened?”

She further said in a video, “Whatever time I have spent with swamiji in 31 days.. I just remember that time and you know.. whenever we talked with each other, whenever I hugged swamiji , I just remember those moments when I am really really happy with him and that’s it, nothing else , I did not focused on anything, I just said that very first time like .. swamiji .. just you do it and that’s it, it was only oneness. When me and swamiji had great time with each other… whether it’s a session…Whether we talked…whether we done power manifesting , that’s it and its called oneness.”

This new video of Rashmi Shah proves that she has a close relationship with the rapist Baba Nityananda. In such a situation, when Nithyananda has escaped from the country and has gone out of hands from Gujarat Police, Will the police will take action against Nithyanand’s henchmen Rashmi Shah, Manjula Pooja Shroff and Amitabh Shah or the police will wait until they themselves get the citizenship of “kailaasa-The Hindu Nation”?

How Mrs India Rashmi Shah, Manjula and Amitabh built “The Nithyanada’s Kailaasa”?