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Veterinarian Surgeon Priyanka Raped and Murdered, Police Nab 4 Culprits After Burnt Body Found


Hyderabad: A campaign has been launched to bring justice to a woman doctor in Hyderabad. #RIPPriyankaReddy is trending on Twitter for them. A 27-year-old veterinarian, whose charred body was found on Thursday near Shadnagar town, was suspected to have been raped and murdered by four persons who offered to help her repair her punctured two-wheeler.The woman is suspected to have been killed near Tondupally toll plaza in Shamshabad on the outskirts of Hyderabad and her body was dumped and burnt 25 km away at Chatanpally bridge near Shadnagar town.

Police have expressed suspicion of murder following the rape. Local citizens in Priyanka Reddy area have announced a candle march to bring justice to Priyanka, a doctor. It is important that Priyanka spoke on the phone with her sister before the murder and said that I was scared. After that, Priyanka’s phone switched off and her dead body was found.

In the call that lasted for six minutes 45 seconds, Priyanka was heard speaking normally, except when she said that she was feeling scared looking at the people who came to her aid. Bhavya advised her to wait at the toll-plaza, but Priyanka refused saying it would be awkward to stand at the toll-plaza.To which, Bhavya suggested to leave the scooter at the spot and come back home.

According to mechanic Shamsher Alam, a youth had brought a scooty between 9:30 pm and 10 pm on Wednesday night. Priyanka had called her sister around 9:45 pm and told her that her vehicle was punctured and that somebody has offered to help her and took her vehicle for repair. The woman also reportedly told her sister that she was afraid of some truck drivers near her.

Hyderabad police are also taking CCTV footage to find out the cause of the murder of Dr Priyanka. Police are looking for a call history of Doctor Priyanka along with CCTV footage. Shamshabad deputy commissioner Prakash Reddy said the stranger killed the woman and set her body on fire.

Priyanka Reddy left her house for a veterinary hospital at kolluru village.Then she parked her scooty near toll plaza and the took a cab to go to Gachibowli to visit a dermatologist.When she returned from there at around 9 pm, she found that her two wheeler was punctured.

Priyanka Reddy said that some people have come forward to help and will call later. After that, Priyanka’s mobile switch was off. The family started searching for Priyanka near Shamshabad Toll Plaza but were not found. His body was found in the dilapidated condition near the underpass of Shadnagar this morning.