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Mobile theft: Vatva police trace & return 140 of 200 handsets using this trick


Two years ago, the Vatva police began a drive against mobile theft in the area. Now, anyone who has ever lost a mobile phone will know that stolen mobiles don’t figure anywhere in the list of priority for police.

Getting your complaint registered itself is a big task.

But the Vatva police decided to do something unique. It decided to actively pursue cases of mobile thefts.

And the efforts have paid off not just by way of cops managing to trace several stolen mobiles but the number of complaints about mobile theft has also come down.

In fact, at Vatva police station you need to even formally register a complaint about mobile theft. A citizen can just put the complaint on a paper and hand it over to the cops and the cops will keep an eye out for the stolen mobile.

How the initiative against mobile theft began

The initiative was begun by HV Sisara two years ago when the police station decided to actively trace stolen mobiles and reach mobile thieves.

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They followed a simple method. They tracked the IMEI number of the stolen mobile judiciously and every time it became active, they traced its location.

The cops then reached the place where the mobile was active and recovered it. This way they have managed to reach several mobile thieves too.

In the two years since the campaign began, the Vatva police received 200 complaints and they have managed to track, trace and return more than 140 such stolen mobiles.

In the process, the cops have managed to nab some notorious mobile thieves as well and the overall complaints about mobile thefts in the area have also gone down.

What is interesting is that most of the stolen mobiles are low-end phones and hence may not be the priority for most police stations.

But the Vatva Police’s initiative has come as a blessing for many of the lower and middle-income people in the area who cannot always afford to replace a stolen phone.


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