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Vadtal’s Swami Amrutjivandasji owed Rs17 lakh to tour operator who killed self, booked


The Naroda police have booked Swami Amrutjivandasji of the Vadtal Swaminarayan Gurukul International School and another man in a suicide case of a tour operator.

Swami Amrutjivandasji had taken his followers on a tour of Nepal but refused to pay the tour operator Rs17 lakh due to him. This led to financial trouble for the operator and his family had to take money to pay the funds they had taken on credit to get the tour underway.

Unable to get Swami Amrutjivandasji to pay for the tour, the youth committed suicide. A two-page suicide noted named Swami Amrutjivandasjiand the victim’s cousin as responsible for abetting his suicide.

The victim’s father Pravin Patel on Monday filed a case against Swami Amrutjivandasji and one Pinakin Patel. Pravin

Patel is a resident of Maniyor village in Idar taluka of Sabarkantha district. Swami Amrutjivandasji lives in Kandroli in Navi Mumbai at the Swaminarayan Gurukul and the Vadtal Swaminarayan International School. Pinakin Patel is a resident of Garden City in Bharuch.

The complaint states that Pravin Patel’s son consumed poisons on July 14 and succumbed to the poison the next day while under treatment.

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Later the family found a video in which Jaymin had accused Swami Amrutjivandasji and his own paternal aunt’s son Pinakin as the two who drove him to suicide.

The role of Swami Amrutjivandasji 

Jaymin lived in Swaminarayan Park in Naroda and operated a tour and travel business named Jahan Holiday Solutions. Jaymin was introduced to Swami Amrutjivandasji by Pinakin.

Swami Amrutjivandasji often got his flight tickets booked through Jaymin’s company but the latter never asked for payment.

One day Swami sought the package rates for a tour of Nepal for his followers. Jaymin came up with a Nepal tour package of Rs40 lakh.

Swami Amrutjivandasji paid part of the money as advance but did not pay the rest during the tour as a result of which Jaymin had to take money from his friends to pay for the tour mid-way.

On his return, Jaymin sought the rest of the payment but the Swami refused to pay stating that he had paid the rest to Pinakin. Pinakin on his part said he had not got any money from Swami Amrutjivandasji.

Meanwhile, Jaymin’s family mortgaged their gold to pay the money that they owed to people who had helped them pay for the Nepal tour mid-way. Jaymin also had to shut down his business and began working at a company. Due to COVID-19, his salary was reduced to half.

Meanwhile, Jaymin’s cousin committed suicide and named him as the accused.

Jaymin was thus under extreme stress due to the alleged cheating by Swami Amrutjivandasji and his cousin Pinakin. This forced him to end his life.


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