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Vadtal: NRI, 48 other Swaminarayan followers take ‘diksha’ on Monday

  • Hatdi Darshan at Vadtal temple on the occasion of Prabodhini Ekadashi

Vadtal: As many as 49 followers of the Swaminarayan sect took ‘diksha’ on Monday on the occasion of Prabodhini Ekadashi during the ongoing Kartiki Samaiya festivities. Monday marked the third day since the start of the Kartiki Samaiya celebration at the Vadtal Swaminarayan temple.

Of the 49 who took diksha, 18 are from Vadtal, 27 are from Junagadh and four from Gadhada. On the occasion, hatdi ritual was organized in front of Shree Lakshminarayan Dev and other deities of the temple. The temple’s chief ‘kothari’ Dr Sant Swami said that two brahmachari (celibates) and 47 ‘parshad’ were given the ‘kanthi’ of the sect. As many as 32 women also received diksha on the occasion from the wife of the Acharya as per the rules of the sect.


NRI leaves medical education, $50k scholarship to take diksha

Neel Thakkar was born in Ohio in the US and holds American citizenship. He was studying medicine and had even got $50,000 scholarship Attending discourses by visiting saints from a very young age had left a deep impression on his mind. He eventually decided to renounce worldly pleasures and take up spiritual duties at the temple. His parents were present on the occasion and gave him their blessings.

197th Patotsav of the temple on Tuesday

On Tuesday, 197th Patotsav of the temple will be celebrated by the devotees. Ahead of the event, Jalyatra from Gomti river reached at the sanctum sanctorum of the temple. Acharya Rakeshprasadji Maharaj, chairman Devprakash Swami, Dr Santvallabh Swami and others participated in large numbers in the event.


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