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50-yr-old in Vadodara booked for petting crocodile after video goes viral


A 50-year-old man was detained in Vadodara for petting a crocodile. Pankaj Patel was detained for harassing the reptile in Vadodara after a video of the incident went viral.

The incident happened on the banks of Karjan lake. Despite Patel’s petting, the reptile did not attack and eventually went into the lake.

The man was caught conversing with the crocodile and patting its back. Despite several warnings from people standing nearby, he continued to talk to the reptile and was close to it.

In the video, the man addresses the crocodile as his mother and that he will protect her if someone attacks his ‘mother’.

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Patel later told forest officials that he touched the crocodile after goddess Maa Khodiyar asked him to do so in his dream. The goddess is a popular local deity depicted as sitting on a crocodile.

“Upon learning about the incident from social media, we booked Pankaj Patel under relevant sections of the Wildlife Protection Act and detained him for questioning,” Deputy Conservator of Forest, Vadodara, Kartik Maharaja told a news agency.

In the video, it seems either Patel is drunk or disoriented. He is heard saying that he will go to any extent to protect it from people.

He even warned the onlookers against harming or disturbing the reptile.


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