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Vadodara Gangrape: Lawyers and People Lined up to see the Accused Face in Court


The Vadodara gangrape accused Kishan and Zasha Sonalki were presented by the police in the court last night and a lawyer present to seek 14 days remand of the two accused. But the court has granted 8 days remand.

Both accused were produced before the court last night and the 14-day remand was sought for deep investigation into the two accused. When these accused were introduced in the court, the mob was crowded by people outside the court. And a large number of lawyers were also seen in the courtroom. The police had arranged a large number of caravans to be held so that no incident could occur. And when the faces of the accused were opened in the court, they were shocked to see the people.

Government lawyer Anil Desai submitted that the wrongdoing of the accused has to be investigated in the seriousness of the crime. How did the accused arrive at the scene? How did they jump a 3 foot wall? It has to be investigated. Have to do a medical examination.

In this regard, the Commissioner of Police said that both rapists were being investigated as there was no way to escape. A simple phone call was recovered from the rapist. However, another Android phone recovery plan is underway. Both of these phones will be sent to the forensic lab. Both of them confessed to the police that after the wrongdoing we do not know, so they were here and did not escape. They had no ideas as they does not watch TV or newspapers.

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