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Vadodara: Citizen Taught Lesson To Traffic Police Video Viral


In Vadodara a video has been viral on social media for past two days. In Vadodara Tushar Shah was detained for not wearing a helmet from the Kalaghoda Circle. As a citizen we are having the responsibility also, and we must follow the rules and the regulations.

what is the event?

Vadodara Tushar Shah was slow down on Kalaghoda Circle for not wearing a helmet. Where he was asked for the PUC, license, RC Book and he was having all this documents with him along with this he also had helmet. But due to headache and High blood pressure he had not wear the helmet. They have treated Tushar Shah as an accused. Before this, Tushar Shah’s daughter vehicle was detained for not wearing the helmet.

Tushar Shah fell asleep on road and started his protest and for convincing Tushar shah big officials came on road. However, Tushar Shah made him aware of the law. He also said that if the government has taken this step for the liquor ban the families of too many peoples will live their  life happily. It is my matter of concern whether to wear helmet or not. If i wear helmet what you will get? If i wear helmet an incident occur then who will be responsible for that? many such questions he has raised to the police officers. Lessons taught by a citizen without a helmet to traffic police in Vadodara.