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Vacated official bungalow in 30 minutes: IPS Rajendra Brahmbhatt


At a time when babus and politicians cling on to their official bungalows, it took the former Surat Police Commissioner Rajendra Brahmbhatt just 30 minutes to move out of his.

Brahmbhatt had earlier said that as a rule, he made it a point to evacuate a government bungalow within three days.


He was transferred on August 1 late night.  Brahmbatt, a 1995 batch ADG was transferred as the new Vadodara Police Commissioner.

New Surat Police Commissioner

Within two days of the order, Ajay Tomar, Special Commissioner (Ahmedabad Crime Branch) reached Surat to take charge as the new city police commissioner.

Tomar took charge at around 10.30 am and he had a discussion with Brahmbhatt for about an hour. 

At around 11.30 am Brahmbhatt left for his official residence and around noon vacated it.

Brahmbhatt told Gujarat Exclusive that he has made it a point to vacate a government accommodation within three days of being transferred. 

“In Surat, I left it within hours,” said Brahmbhatt.

“I received the transfer orders on August 1 late at night. The next day chief minister Vijay Rupani was to visit Surat and I was busy with it,” said Brahmbhatt.

“The same day I returned home in the evening and began packing up. 

The next day Ajay Tomar took charge as Surat police commissioner,” he said.

Brahmbhatt said he returned home where his belongings had been packed into his private car. 

I met the staff and vacated the residence.

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Rajendra Brahmbhatt had to fight for his accommodation

A government officer vacating an official residence is not news. 

But what makes Brahmbhatt’s cases unique is that he had to put in a lot of effort to get his ‘official residence vacated’ when he took charge as the Surat Police Commissioner.

Brahmbatt’s efforts at finally convincing the then incumbent police commissioner to vacate the official bungalow had become a talking point in the media and police circle.

Satish Sharma, a 1985 batch IPS officer retired as the Surat Police Commissioner.

He retired in August 2019 and a month later Brahmbhatt was appointed as the new police chief.

The new police chief waited patiently for three months for Sharma to vacate his official bungalow but to no avail. 

Brahmbhatt decided to wait instead of forcing the issue as Sharma was a decade senior to him.

For three months, Brahmbhatt lived in a guest house of ONGC. 

Despite several pleas, Sharma did not seem in any hurry to vacate the bungalow.

Bhrahmbhatt then decided to take the matter into his own hands and went to vacate it himself. 

He asked Sharma, who had been overstaying in the bungalow for four months now, to vacate it by night. 

Brhambhatt threatened that he would sit outside the bungalow until it was vacated. 

Sharma then vacated the bungalow the same day.

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