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Uttar Pradesh Speaker’s remarks on Mahatma Gandhi creates controversy


Uttar Pradesh Assembly Speaker Hriday Narayan Dixit stirred a major controversy on Sunday after he said that if one becomes great by just dressing scantily, Rakhi Sawant would have been greater than Mahatma Gandhi. Now, Dixit has issued a clarification after facing flak on social media.

At the ‘prabuddh varg sammelan’ (meeting of intellectuals) organised by the BJP in Unnao district on Sunday, the Uttar Pradesh Speaker said, “In our opinion, no one has become an intellectual by writing a book on any topic. If that was the case for so many years, I have read at least 6,000 books.”

He further added, “Gandhiji used to dress scantily. He used to wrap just a dhoti. The country called him Bapu. If somebody could become great just by taking their clothes off, then Rakhi Sawant would have become greater than Mahatma Gandhi.” The controversial remarks soon went viral on social media, inviting a barrage of criticism.

Clarification by the Uttar Pradesh Speaker

Soon, Dixit posted a series of tweets in a clarification. “Some friends in social media are showing the clip of a video of my speech with an otherwise meaning. This was the part of my speech at the ‘prabuddh sammelan’ in Unnao, in which the moderator of the ‘sammelan’ introduced me saying that ‘I am an enlightened writer’.”

“I took this point forward saying that no one becomes an intellectual by writing some books. Mahatma Gandhi used to dress scantily. The country called him ‘Bapu’. But that does not mean Rakhi Sawant will become a Gandhi-ji,” Dixit said and added, “Friends, take my speech in the right context.”


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