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Uttar Pradesh couple abducted in Delhi, killed in MP, bodies disposed in different states


In a spine-chilling incident, a couple from Uttar Pradesh was kidnapped from Delhi, murdered in Madhya Pradesh and their bodies disposed in two different states. The Uttar Pradesh Police said that the couple had eloped on July 31 after their families refused to agree to the match. While the girl was a minor, her partner was an adult.

The families later traced them to Delhi where they abducted the couple in a jeep and drove them down to Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind. From Bhind, they drove to Gwalior and on the way the accused attacked the man.

They not only just murdered him but also put a knife in his private parts and damaged the organ. The deceased was killed on the highway leading to Jhansi under the jurisdiction of Atri police station. Later, Rajasthan Police recovered the body of the girl in the Dholpur area.

The girl was choked to death using a yellow plastic rope. The deceased youth has been identified as a resident of Jahangirpur under the Sirsaganj police station area of Firozabad in Uttar Pradesh. He had eloped with his neighbour, who was a minor.

Girl’s family confessed

Later, his body was found on August 5 and the police registered a murder case against unknown people and launched a probe. Meanwhile, his father had lodged a missing complaint about his son on August 10.

After the girl’s body was found in Rajasthan, police suspected there could be a link between the two deaths owing to the similarity in their age. When the police looked at the mobile phone location of the girl’s family members, it was found that these people first went to Delhi, then Bhind, Gwalior and Dholpur.

The police later summoned the girl’s family for questioning and took them in custody, during which they confessed to the dual murders.


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