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If China invades Taiwan, US will intervene militarily: Biden


Washington DC/Tokyo: The United States President Joe Biden said on Monday that the country would use its military forces if China were to invade Taiwan.

Biden said that the burden to protect the island was “even stronger” after the invasion of Ukraine by Russia.

Biden was speaking at a press conference in Tokyo where he will participate in the Quad Summit 2022.

To a question on whether the US would be willing to get involved militarily to defend Taiwan in case of a Chinese invasion, he said “Yes”, adding “That’s the commitment we made”.

He and Japanese PM Fumio Kishida stated that their basic position on the island remained unchanged, and reiterated the importance of peace and stability in the region as an indispensable element of security and prosperity in the international community.

Sighting of Chinese aircraft in Taiwan air defence zone has been frequently reported over the past two years. Earlier this month, Taiwan reported the second largest incursion by China this year.

US does not have diplomatic relations with Taipei, but maintains unofficial ties with it and supplies defence equipment to the island.



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