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US to block Taliban’s access to government funds


After the withdrawal of the US forces, the Taliban has taken over control of Afghanistan resulting in concerns that the huge government funds are likely to make their way to the terror organisation. Now, media reports are doing the rounds that the US government is taking steps to keep the Taliban away from cash.

The US Treasury has taken steps to prevent cash reserves managed by the Federal Reserve and other US banks out of the hands of the Taliban, officials told an American News Network. CNN reported earlier this week that the abrupt collapse of the Afghanistan government on Sunday had raised questions from several veterans of previous administrations about assets of the Afghan Central Bank and whether any of the money could end up in the hands of the Taliban.

US assets of Afghan govt

A US government official privy to the development said that the “vast majority” of the Afghan Central Bank assets are not held in the country. The assets in the US have been essentially blocked from the access of the Taliban. Separately, a Biden administration official said on Sunday that any assets the Afghan government has in the United States will not be made available to the Taliban.

US arms

Meanwhile, the White House believes that the Taliban would not return the US weapons that it captured from Afghan forces. During a press conference in Washington, US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said the Biden administration believes that a “fair amount” of the weapons that the US gave to Afghanistan are in the possession of the Taliban, and they do not expect they will be returned to the US.

“We do not have a complete picture, obviously, of where every article of defence materials has gone but certainly, a fair amount of it has fallen into the hands of the Taliban, and obviously, we do not have a sense that they are going to readily hand it over to us at the airport,” he added.


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