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US embassy employee in Delhi tests positive for COVID-19


An employee of the US embassy in New Delhi has tested positive for COVID-19 and is being provided medical treatment, a spokesperson for the mission said on Friday.

“We are aware of reports of a COVID-19 case related to an embassy New Delhi employee. We are working with Indian health authorities to ensure the employee receives proper treatment,” the spokesperson said.

“Due to privacy concerns, we are not able to share additional information.”

This is perhaps the first case of an employee of a foreign mission in India testing positive for the coronavirus.

All foreign missions and consulates in India had begun putting in place precautionary measures by late February and early March. The Italian embassy was among the first missions to call off planned events. Others, such as the Chinese mission, observed self-imposed quarantines for diplomats who returned to India after visits abroad.

The US embassy spokesperson said the state department “has no greater responsibility than the safety and security of US citizens overseas and locally-employed staff”.

“In coordination with Indian authorities, embassy New Delhi continues to implement all appropriate measures to help control the spread of COVID-19,” the spokesperson added.

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