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US closes airspace for Russian flights in support for Ukraine


Washington: The United States has closed its airspace for Russian flights. In his State of the Union (SOTU) address, US President Joe Biden announced that the ex-Soviet nation’s aircraft would be banned from entering American airspace.

On Monday, Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy had urged the US and European nations to close their airspace for Russia. This, he said, would help them defend their country better.

The two countries have been at war since February 24 when Vladimir Putin announced an invasion on Ukraine. Since then, there has been heavy shelling in Ukraine, with several military and residential establishments blown up in air strikes.

Talking about the impact of sanctions on Russia since its invasion on Ukraine, Biden said the Russian stock market has lost 40 per cent of its value and the ruble has lost 30 per cent.

He pointed out that Putin was now isolated from the world.

However, he reiterated, US troops would not engage in the conflict and that their forces would defend their NATO allies.


Canada announces more measures

Moving further with its action condemning invasion of Ukraine, Canada on Tuesday announced that Russia-owned ships would not be allowed at Canadian ports.




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