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US launches airstrike, ‘eliminates’ ISIS-K member


Washington: The US military launched an airstrike in Afghanistan to target ISIS militants on Saturday. A member of the IS’s Afghanistan affiliate has been killed, the forces claimed.

The airstrike using a drone came after US President Joe Biden’s vow to avenge the bomb blast at Kabul aircraft that left several Afghan and American soldiers dead.

It was conducted in Nangarhar, east of Kabul. The ISIS-K (ISIS-Khorasan) had claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing two days ago on August 26.

A defense official was quoted as having said that Biden had authorized the drone strike which was ordered by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

The US claimed that an ISIS-K militant was killed in the operation, and they “know of no civilian casualties”.

Meanwhile, UK will end its evacuation operations in Afghanistan on Friday.

Two days ago, 68 US lawmakers had written to President Biden, wanting to know his strategy to prevent the Taliban from acquiring nuclear weapons.

“Are you prepared to support regional allies militarily in the event that the Taliban militarise the Afghanistan border? What is your plan to help to ensure that the Taliban do not destabilise its nuclear neighbour Pakistan?” the letter read.



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