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UP women commission member Meena Kumari says girls should not be given mobile phones


A member of the Uttar Pradesh Women Commission raked up a controversy after she suggested that girls should not be given mobile phones as it leads to rapes. The member, Meena Kumari, made the remarks during a public hearing of cases related to women in the Aligarh district.

What Meena Kumari said

The member, while speaking to the media, said, “Girls should not be given mobile phones. Girls talk with boys on phones for hours and later run away with them. Their phones are not even checked and family members are unaware of these things.”

Kumari said that parents, especially mothers, have a big role and they should monitor their daughters. She went on to say that if the daughters are careless these days, then mothers are responsible for the same. The member also said that society will also have to be serious regarding crimes against women.

After the controversy erupted, Meena Kumari clarified that she meant that minors and girls from villages do not know how to use mobile phones in the right manner. She said that girls use mobile phones to make male friends and later run away with them. She also said smartphones were being used to watch inappropriate content.

State Women Commission disagrees

Following the controversial remarks, the State Women Commission had distanced itself from the remarks made by Meena Kumari. The commission’s vice-chairperson Anju Chaudhary said that taking away mobile phones was not a solution to end sexual violence, according to media reports.

Past controversy

It is not the first time that a controversy has erupted because of remarks by a member of the commission. Chandramukhi Devi, a member of the National Commission for Women had created controversy over her remarks on the Badaun gang-rape case. She had said that the incident could have been avoided if the victim had not ventured out in the evening. However, after outrage over her controversial remark, she retracted it.


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