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UP Population Control Bill: With 50% MLAs having more than 2 kids, can BJP walk the talk?


Lucknow: The draft UP Population Control Bill by the BJP-led state government may have raised brows in the Opposition camp and elsewhere. Ironically, it will be tough for the Saffron party to walk the talk if the draft, which has been uploaded on the UP law commission website, is approved. For, 50 per cent of the sitting MLAs of the party in the UP Assembly have more than two children.

The draft Uttar Pradesh Population (Control, Stabilization and Welfare) Bill 2021 proposes to bar parents with more than two children from holding a government job or enjoying any other benefits provided by the government.

BJP accounts for 304 of the 397 sitting MLAs whose profiles have been uploaded on its website. Of these, 152 (50 per cent) have more than two children.

In fact, one MLA has eight kids, which is the highest on the list. Then, there are eight who have six children each, 44 have four each and 83 have three each. Actor Ravi Kishen, BJP MP in Lok Sabha who will introduce a private bill on population control issue, himself has four children.


What the Bill proposes

UP is the most populous state of India. As per the proposed UP Population Control Bill, those with not more than two children will be eligible for a number of benefits. They will be eligible for two additional increments during their service tenure. They will get subsidy in purchase of plot or house. They will also get a rebate on utility charges, besides 3% increase in Employee Provident Fund (EPF) under the National Pension Scheme. Ration card units will be limited to four.

Alongside, those violating the two-child policy will not be allowed to contest local body elections or apply for government jobs.




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