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UP Police Re-Opens Noida-Kalindi Kunj Road Just for Few Minutes


New Delhi: The road going from Noida to Delhi and Faridabad is closed due to the ongoing demonstration in Shaheen Bagh.  However, the relief turned out to be short lived with police saying that the road was opened for the traffic due to the road accident for few minutes on Friday. The barricades were restored minutes after the road was reopened.

On Monday, while hearing the plea regarding re-opening of the road,  the Supreme Court told the Shaheen Bagh protesters to come to a “reasonable solution” so that roads are no longer blocked. It said, “There must be a balance. This could create chaos,” a two-judge bench comprising justices Sanjay Kishan Kaul and KM Joseph observed in course of a hearing on the Shaheen Bagh protest that has been blamed for causing inconvenience to people. However, it is being said in the media report that after talks with Delhi Police, Delhi-UP Police has opened the road from Noida to Jaitpur via Faridabad.

After the rumour spread, the traffic police immediately corrected the barricading, due to which the conditions of that road are still intact. It is also being told that a bus had broken down on this route, due to which this road was opened for some time and later it was closed again. The rumour spread because a TV channel broke the news of opening the way, showing the vehicles going through the barricades removed.