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Unique farmers protest: Swimming competition in flooded farmland!


In an attempt to draw the attention of the government to the losses suffered by farmers due to heavy rains in the state, the farmer’s wing of Congress held a unique protest.

Farmer leaders organised a swimming competition in the farmland-turned-lake of Jamraval village in Kalyanpur taluka in Devbhoomi Dwarka district.


It should be noted that Gujarat has received over 110% of its annual average rainfall this season. Saurashtra and Kutch have been at the receiving end of the rain fury this year. The incessant rains have led to large scale damage to crops and the Congress has been demanding compensation for farmers.

The swimming competition was organised by Congress leader and farmers representative Paal Ambaliya. In all, 10 participants took part in the swimming competition and the winner was given a lollipop – a representation of what the Congress believes the state is handing out to farmers.

Ambaliya said the incessant rains were not the only reason for flooding in the area and destruction of farmland. “The administration is equally responsible for this,” said Ambaliya.

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Ambaliya said the competition is a way to draw the attention of the insensitive administration to the crop failure and the pitiable condition of villages in flood-affected areas of Gujarat.

The heavy rains have destroyed the bajra, jowar and groundnut crop in th district.

State to carry out survey for farmers

 Agriculture minister RC Faldu on Wednesday said the government will carry out a survey of destruction due to floods and will compensate the farmers accordingly. The decision was taken at the cabinet meeting held on Wednesday.

Faldu said that crops have suffered heavy damage due to the heavy rains in the state. “The government will carry out a survey to know the extent of the damage and will offer compensation to the affected farmers,” said Faldu.

He said the survey work would begin in the next fortnight and farmers who have suffered more than 33% damage will be compensated as per the rules under the State Disaster Relief Fund (SDRF).

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