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Under Joe Biden, US to rejoin the Paris accord, end Muslim travel ban


US President-elect Joe Biden is likely to restore the United States to the Paris climate accord and the World Health Organization, media reports said. The report quoting aides said Biden will sign 17 orders after being sworn in as US President many of which will reverse those taken by President Donald Trump.

This includes reversing orders on immigration, the environment, fighting Covid-19, and the economy.

What is Joe Biden likely to do

Biden is likely to end Trump’s ban on visitors from several majority-Muslim countries and halt the construction of the wall that the Republican had begun on the US-Mexico border. This was done to stem illegal immigration.

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He will also set a mask mandate on federal properties to stem the spread of Covid-19, the aides were quoted by media. Protections for nature reserves removed by Trump will be restored and freezes on evictions and protection for millions behind on their mortgages due to the COVID pandemic will also be put in place.

A bill to revamp immigration policies to give undocumented migrants a path to citizenship will also be sent to Congress.

US President-elect Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris will be sworn in as the 46th President and 49th Vice-President of the United States on Wednesday. Harris will be America’s first woman, first Black and first person with south Asian roots to be the Vice President.

The ceremony comes amid tight security after Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol building leading to the evacuation and lockdown of the Capitol and five deaths.


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