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Udaipur resident nabbed by A’bad cops for cheating 23 employers


The Ahmedabad Crime Branch arrested 23-year-old Jayesh Soni, a resident of Udaipur in Rajasthan for cheating close to 20 employers of several lakhs of rupees. Soni told police that he learned this modus operandi from the movie ‘Catch me if you can’.

Police said the accused and his father Rajesh Soni photoshopped their own Aadhar cards to come up with several other fake ones in different names. They then got several SIM cards and also opened bank accounts with these fake ids.

He came under the police radar after a Rs14 lakh cheating case was registered against him in Narol where a company where he was working as an accountant accused him of stealing a cheque and getting a fake stamp on it to get it cleared in his own account.

Police said Soni and his father were fluent in several languages including English and would contact companies hiring for the position of an accountant. Soni had learned accounting through youtube. He would then work in the company for some time before stealing a cheque from them. He would use the fake stamps and signatures to get the cheque cleared in his own fake account and then withdraw the money before closing it. He had several accounts in banks in Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Udaipur.

Soni is believed to have duped close to 20 employers in the three cities. Soni was caught on Monday while on his way to another interview. Cops had been keeping a watch on him for sometime.