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2 gangrape woman near Jundal in Ahmedabad


A 35-year-old woman who earned her living as a labourer was dragged into a bush and gangraped by two men near Jundal in the city. The woman was first raped by one man and he then proceeded to suffocate her by stomping on her neck as the other man took his turn to rape the woman.

The gangrape incident happened five days ago while the woman filed a complaint with the Sabarmati police station on Sunday.

The woman, Rekha (name changed), a resident of Nava Vadaj lives with her husband who is a painter. On September 16, she had gone to Nava Vadaj’s labour market for work.

Her husband was hired and he left for the day while she was not lucky to get any job that day.

As she was about to return home, two men aged around 20 to 25 years approached her stating that they had some labour work near Jundal for which they wanted to hire her.

The three took a BRTS bus to reach Jundal circle. There they offered her tea. Then they went to an area near Vaishodevi circle where some construction work was going on.

The gangrape

One of the men then asked the other to get the tools so Rekha could get to work and also asked him to get his wife. As they approached a bush, he dragged her into it.

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The other man who had gone to get the tools also came and overpowered Rekha. One of them then proceeded to rape her. Once done, he stomped on her neck while the other man raped her.

They also robbed her of Rs1300 and her mobile phone. They threatened her not to report the incident as she would be ostracized.

Rekha also suffered injuries on her neck and legs during the gangrape. Rekha somehow managed to return to the road and an old woman gave her Rs20.

She inquired about the two men at the tea stall but no one knew them. The tea stall owner offered her money to get an autorickshaw. She and her husband approached the police after she recovered from her injuries.

DCP Zone 2 Vijay Patel said they are investigating the matter, and they will be going through the CCTV footage.


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