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Twitter restores Rahul Gandhi’s account after suspending it for a week


Social media giant Twitter on Saturday restored the account of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi. Gandhi’s account was temporarily suspended a week ago for tweeting pictures of the family of a 9-year-old alleged rape and murder victim in northwest Delhi.

Apart from Gandhi, the accounts of several others who had shared the parliamentarian’s tweet have been also restored. Sharing of images of the family of the alleged victim of the heinous crime was in contravention of its rules, according to the microblogging website.

Rahul Gandhi attacks Twitter

On Friday, Gandhi, in a YouTube video statement titled “Twitter’s dangerous game”, alleged that the microblogging site was not a neutral and objective platform and was “beholden to the government”.

Questioning Twitter’s locking of his handle, he said millions of his followers were unfairly denied the right to an opinion. “It’s obvious now that Twitter is actually not a neutral, objective platform. It is a biased platform. It’s something that listens to what the government of the day says,” he alleged.

The Congress leader had also accused Twitter of “interfering in the national political process” and said shutting down of his handle amounted to an “attack on the country’s democratic structure”.

The violation

Last week, Rahul Gandhi had visited the family of a nine-year-old girl who was allegedly raped and killed in Delhi. He had later posted the photo on Twitter. The NCPCR had raised strong objection to it, saying that the faces of the parents could be seen and could thus reveal the identity of the victim, which is not permissible.

It had sought action against Rahul under the Juvenile Justice Act and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act. Subsequently, Twitter had suspended Rahul Gandhi’s handle.

On Thursday, the Youth Congress said in a tweet in Hindi, “All Opposition parties are united against the attack by BJP on democracy and our freedom of expression.”


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