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Trump says US Corona death toll could touch 100,000


US President Donald Trump said that as many as 1 lakh Americans could die due to the Covid19 pandemic. Earlier speaking at a virtual “town hall”, he had also denied that his administration was slow in reacting to the pandemic. The US has seen over 68,000 deaths due to the disease so far. Trump also expressed optimism that a vaccine for the disease could be available by the end of this year. Trump had in April predicted 60,000 American lives would be lost due to the disease.

The Centre for Disease Control had earlier put out projections that estimated that 2 lakh confirmed cases and 3000 daily deaths could occur each day. The US had also reported some excess deaths later. Excess deaths are those that were earlier not classified as Covid19 related.

Trump has accused China of failing to stop the spread of the virus and also blamed US intelligence officials for failing to raise concerns about the outbreak until January 23. However, several US media reports said that the president’s intelligence briefings had mentioned the coronavirus as early as January 3.

Earlier reports also said that US officials believed China intentionally covered up the extent and severity of the virus at the same time upping its import of medical supplies.