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True, Transparent, Fair and Fact based News stories of Gujarat Exclusive is now available in Hindi and English


“Gujarat Exclusive: Gujarati” has been providing you news from Gujarat, India and all across the global since six months. We have served non-biased news from state and national politics to our readers in these months. Now after receiving tremendous support from our readers, we are happy to start the same services in Hindi and English languages, our mission is to serve true, fair and verified news to the people in Gujarat, forgetting all the language barriers.

We are launching English and Hindi portal from today, wherein you can read news in Hindi from today and English news will be updated from first week of November.
In these six months, Gujarat Exclusive have covered important news of the state and made it available for readers with Journalistic ethics. Our important news stories have proven eye opener to our readers, politicians and Government, see links below.

Gujarat Exclusive have exclusively came up with a story about Medical claims of MLAs’ of Gujarat Vidhansabha who had withdrawn bills of their medical treatment from Government’s treasury- a public money. After that, we have written a story about ‘6 lakhs drop out students of Government primary schools’ which was pointed out further in Gujarat Assembly by opposition, and the same story was followed by Ravish Kumar in NDTV’s prime time show.

In series of story of ‘derogatory remarks by Swaminarayan sampraday, Visva Vallabhdas, Dalit activists, leaders and community person have come on road and also registered a court complaint against the saint in which court issued order of police inquiry.

Recently, traffic rules have emerged hot topic of public anger, Gujarat Exclusive published documented story about Gujarat government’s order to RTO (Regional transport office) to collect Rs 5,100 cores’ from public. The story was covered in premier newspapers of Gujarat and regional TV channels. As a result of this story, public and political opposition have raised their opinion against this hidden agenda of Government, published by Gujarat Exclusive and then top officials of RTO-Gujarat have given their reactions to media.

Gujarat Exclusive is leading news platform to publish Social, economic and educational news stories. We intend to let people know the regular, transparent, fair and fact news stories of our surroundings to our readers.

Team Gujarat Exclusive