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Truckers prefer Gujarat, Haryana over Rajasthan for refuelling. Here’s why


Driving a vehicle has become a real luxury in Rajasthan. The state is among the costliest as far as the prices of motor fuels are concerned. In 29 out of the 33 districts in Rajasthan, petrol costs Rs 100 or a little more.

The cost of petrol is Rs 100.17 in Jaipur, but it is the costliest in Sri Ganganagar a border district with Haryana and Punjab as neighbours. In Sri Ganganagar district, petrol costs Rs 104.67, while in the neighbouring district of Hanumangarh, it is Rs 103.97, in Bikaner its Rs 102.67 and in Churu it is Rs 102 per litre.

In Rajasthan, the VAT on petrol is 36 per cent, while on diesel it’s 26 per cent. In Haryana and Punjab, the VAT on petrol is 25 per cent and on diesel, it is 16 per cent. In Delhi, the VAT on petrol is 30 per cent, while on diesel it is Rs 16.75.

Advantage Gujarat, Haryana

Gujarat is one of the cheapest states with VAT on petrol and diesel there being 20 per cent. Due to the high taxation on fuels in Rajasthan, the various transport companies that carry goods from Punjab and Haryana and pass through Rajasthan opt to do the refuelling in Haryana as refuelling in Rajasthan is a costly proposition.

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The goods carried from Punjab, Delhi and Haryana find it cheaper to fill their tanks in their own states. All the trucks that are bound for Gujarat, find it cheaper to do the refilling in Gujarat which is cheaper than Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi and Haryana.

Rajasthan is suffering due to high taxes

Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association’s president Sunit Bagai says that the state suffers heavily as no vehicle passing through Rajasthan buys fuel in the state as it is far expensive as compared to the other states.

Bagai said the difference between the prices in Rajasthan as compared to the prices of petrol in  Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh is Rs 10  per litre more. The per litre price of petrol is cheapest in Gujarat where its costs  Rs 90.70 per litre as compared to Rs 91.54 in Haryana, Rs 90.71 in UP, Rs 93.68 in Delhi, and Rs 95.60 in Punjab.

The high rates of motor fuel have a cascading effect as it impacts the transportation of food grains and vegetable prices.


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