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Tripura violence: Journalists provoking people against govt, says minister


Agartala: Tripura Information minister Susant Chowdhury accused the two journalists released on bail on Monday were instigating people against the government. The duo, Samriddhi Sakunia and Swarna Jha, had reported on vandalism at a mosque in Tripura.

The minister said that they (the government) did not have a problem with ground reporting, but objected to what he called “provocative” post. “We saw what happened in Amravati. The minority community was provoked to come out on the streets. Such journalists did it,” he alleged.

The women had been detained on Sunday in Assam following a case by the Tripura police for spreading communal disharmony.

They were given bail by the court which said that while the alleged offence was serious in nature, keeping them in detention would be “extreme curtailment of personal liberty”.

The reporters had earlier said they had gone from Delhi to Tripura on Thursday to cover reported communal clashes.

A senior police official in Agartala said on Sunday that the journalists had put up posts on social media saying that a mosque had been burnt in Gomati district and a copy of the Quran had been damaged. The Tripura police called the posts untrue and said they had not found any evidence of burning of any religious document. They accused the reporters of promoting a sense of hatred between communities.  The duo was called to Agartala for questioning and detained after they were found to have left the state.

The women reporters claimed they were detained on way to the airport and accused the police of intimidating them.

Their employer, HW News Network, had called the detention sheer harassment and targeting of the press on part of Tripura police.



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