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Traffic department asked to cough up Rs2,000 for detaining petitioner’s vehicle


Usually it is the violator that pays the traffic police a fine in case his vehicle is detained. But in a strange case, the cops had to pay a man Rs2,000 for detaining his vehicle.

The man whose vehicle was detained filed a case in the rural court and the latter ruled in his favour stating that there was no need for the cops, who had detained the person’s vehicle, to be in possession of the vehicle to investigate the case. It also asked the police to pay the man Rs2,000 for his trouble.

Following the court order, the police inspector of the traffic police station paid the man Rs2,000.

In the beginning of the year 2020 the traffic police had begun a drive against those violating traffic norms. As per the initiative, several violators were nabbed and fined. A traffic cop had detained a truck that had entered the lane in SG Highway where such traffic vehicles were not allowed.

The truck owner Laljibhai had then approached the court to free his vehicle. He sought possession of his vehicle stating that he needed it to ferry goods and that the vehicle would rust away if it was not used.

The petitioner also argued before the court that the cops did not need the vehicle to investigate violation of a traffic rule. Ther court allowed the owner to take possession of the vehicle with the condition that he will need to produce it whenever called for and it cannot be sold until the case is resolved. The court also asked the police to pay the owner Rs2,000.

Traffic PI, AS Damor said that the vehicle had been seized as per the rules and that when an accident happens due to a heavy vehicle it is the cops who are accused of not doing anything. He said the Rs2,000 was not a fine but expenses that the petitioner had incurred. He said the department will appeal against the decision in the sessions court.