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Trader caught in honeytrap: Rajkot police suspends ASI, 5 GRD jawans who abetted crime


Rajkot police commissioner Manoj Agrawal suspended Trusha Busa, an assistant sub-inspector with the taluka police station and four Gram Rakshak Dal jawans in connection with a honey trap case in Rajkot.

The woman cop had joined hands with a couple running a spa business to lure traders into a honey trap and extort money from them. The incident came to light after the trader who fell victim complained to the police about the incident.

What is the honeytrap case?

One Ashish Marvadi and his wife Alpa ran a spa business. Ashish used his wife Alpa and three others to trap one of his customers, who runs a snack business.

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The trader had known Ashish’s wife Alpa for the last four years although they were not in touch for the last four months.

Alpa all of a sudden called the trader and told him that she was alone and that they should meet at her house. The trader, keen on meeting Alpa, visited her house.

When they were in the room Alpa’s husband and three other men arrived. Alpa then accused the trader of harassing her and the other men who were with her husband identified themselves as cops.

They threatened to file a case against him and extorted Rs22,500 from him. They let him got after he promised to pay them Rs2 lakh later.

Role of ASI in the honeytrap

The gang had, in the beginning, demanded Rs2 lakh from the trader but as he did not have it they took the Rs22,500 cash he had on him. They let him go after he promised to pay it later.

To ensure that the trader did not approach the cops to file a complaint ASI Trusha Busa called him to the police station and beat him up.

She also fined him for not wearing a mask and him in lockup. She did this to ensure that if he ever complained about the extortion incident she could provide the alibi for the gang members and state that the trader was in the lock-up at her police station.


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