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Today’s Girls Prefer City Rather than the Villages for Marriage: Saurabh Patel


New Delhi: In FICCI Gujarat State Council Annual Day, State minister for energy Saurabh Patel said Today’s young girls prefer the cities for the marriage rather can getting marriage in the village.

He further said while speaking about doubling the Gujarat GDP is concerned, it is important to focus on employment as the service sector is very important. “We have seen that educated people do not work in factories,” he said. They does not want to work in agriculture. Anyone who has done their schooling or college. They are not interested in working in the field, where more labor is needed. Instead of this people try to avoid working. Everyone is looking for a job in the office.

Addressing local businessmen, he said that today’s girls do not want to get married in the village. They prefer the city rather than the village. That is why we have to build our economy and the foundations. So that those who are moving from city to village can also be developed. That’s the big challenge for us.

Speaking on the issue further, Patel said that agriculture plays an important role in our economy. Property is declining as a family grows smaller. People are getting less and less land. They said that in the next 10 to 15 years the size of the land will be reduced. The government has to come up with a policy in which the fertile land that makes agriculture possible can be brought together.

In his speech, Patel also mentioned that over 12,000 of the 18,000 villages in Gujarat get piped drinking water from the Narmada dam and villages have access to round the clock power supply.