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TMC MPs write to PM Modi seeking removal of solicitor general Tushar Mehta—Here’s why


The Trinamool Congress (TMC) has requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to remove Tushar Mehta as solicitor general for meeting Bengal BJP leader Suvendu Adhikari, who is being investigated by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) in corruption cases. Notably, Tushar Mehta represents the CBI in some of the cases.

The Trinamool Congress MPs in a letter to PM Modi said that Mehta’s alleged meeting with Adhikari falls under “conflict of interest” and he should be removed from his position. Tushar Mehta, however, has denied meeting with Adhikari, saying he “dropped in unannounced” on Thursday.

In the letter signed by three MPs, Derek O’Brien, Sukhendu Sekhar Roy and Mahua Moitra, TMC has said that the BJP leader is accused in several criminal cases being probed by the CBI and the solicitor general represents the central agency in many cases.

The party said that Mehta meeting such a person raises serious questions about the integrity of the post. Alleging that the meeting was aimed at influencing the outcome of cases, the letter said the act of the solicitor general “reeks of impropriety and raises questions of integrity” and taints his post.

Tushar Mehta refutes charges

Responding to the allegations, the solicitor general said there was no question of him meeting Adhikari. He said, “Suvendu Adhikari did come to my residence-cum-office yesterday at around 3 pm, unannounced. Since I was already in a pre-scheduled meeting in my chamber, my staff requested him to sit in the waiting room of my office building and offered him a cup of tea.”

“When my meeting was over and thereafter my (personal secretary) informed me about his arrival, I requested him to convey to Adhikari my inability to meet him and apologise as he had to wait. Adhikari thanked my PPS and left without insisting to meet me. The question of my meeting with Adhikari, therefore, did not arise.”


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