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TMC extends poll management contract to I-PAC till 2026


After winning the recently concluded Assembly election with a thumping majority, Mamata Banerjee-led Trinamool Congress has extended the contract with election management company I-PAC till 2026.

However, unlike the Assembly poll in 2021 when poll strategist Prashant Kishor headed the TMC’s strategy, all future elections in the state will be managed by the company’s new nine-member leadership team. Kishor after ensuring the victory of TMC in Bengal and the DMK-Congress alliance in Tamil Nadu had said that he wishes to quit the poll management work.

New contract with I-PAC

As per the new contract with I-PAC, the company will be managing the TMC’s strategy for the Panchayat and local body elections. It will also manage the party’s poll campaign in the next Assembly election due in 2026. By then, the election will be over in several states including Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka.

Notably, the party has plans to expand beyond Bengal and the Assembly polls provide a perfect platform for the same.

TMC’s performance in 2021 election

Despite the BJP trying to polarize the voters and the party utilising its USP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to the fullest, BJP could not secure even 100 seats in the Assembly polls—a challenge thrown by Prashant Kishor. The BJP leaders made tall claims in their rallies of winning the election with 200 seats, but were decimated to just 77.

Much ahead of the voting when people were questioning the TMC’s strategy in the backdrop of large-scale exodus of TMC leaders to BJP, Prashant Kishor has said that he would leave election management forever if BJP manages to win more than 100 seats.

The TMC won the Assembly poll after securing 213 seats of the 294 seats where elections were held. Post the election results, Kishor had lambasted the Election Commission for its bias in conducting the elections.


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